GTA 5 Release Date Confirmed As March 24th Weekend By Microsoft Upon Pre-Order [RUMOR]

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There hasn’t been much said about GTA 5 for some time now and it seems that fans have itchy fingers. There has been a rumour now about the release date for the game that suggests that it could be released on a weekend at the end of March. Product-Reviews reports that this was date that was revealed by a confirmation email from Microsoft for pre-orders.

GTA 5 release date set for March-end weekend?

Of course you should take release rumours along with a pinch of salt, as a new release date is seemingly posted every week. The date this time is 24th March, however as this falls on Sunday, it is very unlikely.

Nintendo are known to offer their big games on a Sunday, however GTA 5 is not coming out on the Wii U at the moment and therefore it is doubtful that Rockstar will pick Sunday to launch the game for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. It is worth bearing in mind March 24th happens to be two days behind the Amazon GTA 5 release date, which was said to have come about from another confirmation for pre-orders.

If you check out the official Newswire of Rockstar there is no mention of any GTA 5 news at all. However they are in the middle of releasing Vice City on the PlayStation network, which is great news for those who have not yet played the game. Rockstar did say that the game would come out in the Spring and this will be here very soon.

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