GTA 5 Release Date: Looking At March 2013

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With the great teasers and consistent hype that keeps GTA 5 in the limelight, many fans feel like that latest game in the Grand Theft Auto series is right around the corner.

GTA 5 release date: analyzing March 2013 rumors

Rockstar did confirm that the GTA 5 release date was set for this Spring. This led many to believe that it would happen in March 2013. Of course, Spring also covers April and May, and now it seems like GTA 5 may pick one of the latter months.

Recently Amazon updated their release window by way of informing those who pre-ordered the game that they could see it in late March. Now March itself is jam packed with some big name titles so it looks like the GTA 5 release date may just slide on.

In March we expect a new God Of War, Fuse, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. The latter is of course developed by Irrational Games so we really don’t expect Rockstar to get the greenlight for a March release and clash with Bioshock.

So when can we expect GTA 5 now? All eyes are on April. GTA 4 was launched on April 29 so if we had to guess, GTA 5 may be around then or early May. It’s still Spring after all.

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