GTA 5 Next Big Reveal (Official Times Listed By City)

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Fans have been following the development of GTA 5 for many months now and the last couple of weeks there have been a lot of frenzy surrounding the game thanks to leaks and news of an upcoming official reveal.

GTA 5 GI magazine reveal (time zones)

However those seasoned gamers knew they had to be patient when it came to hearing about the finer details of the game and today they have been rewarded with one of the largest reveals so far. This came by way of the leak of the GTA 5 Game Informer cover.

This information was revealed by the editor in chief of the magazine when he posted a Tweet in the last 24 hours. The Tweet said that reveal would come with a lot of information and screenshots. The Tweet suggested that the cover would be one of the biggest reveals to date.

The Game Informer cover art for GTA 5 will be shown in around 2 hours’ time, and then the release of around 20 plus pages of content about GTA 5 will follow. This will all go out live today, based on times in the US. The folks over at Product-Reviews have prepared a handy list so you can check what time in your city you can see the GTA 5 big reveal (see below).

GTA 5 official times

GTA 5 official times

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