GTA 5 Release Date Set For March 15th With Early Bird Freebies Says Saturn

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There is some massive news for fans of GTA 5 as retailers make the first moves during the first week of the New Year in anticipation for the release of the game.

GTA 5 release date set for March 15th says German retailer

Rockstar have said that they will be releasing GTA 5 in the spring, however they have not yet said which month this will be. Now German retailer Saturn has come forward and said that GTA 5 will be released in March and has begun pre-orders. Additionally, they are giving away posters as freebies for those early birds.

Up to now April and May have been the suggested release dates for GTA 5, although there has been no evidence of this. Rockstar are the only ones who decide when they will ship the game, nevertheless the German retailer thinks that the game will come out on 15th March.

Customers in Germany who take Saturn up on the pre-order offer can pay 5 euros to secure themselves a copy of the game and they will also get a GTA 5 poster for their booking troubles.

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