GTA 5 Release Date Hype On Facebook Turns Cold

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Last week we saw that Grand Theft Auto 5 had got itself a new social channel via Facebook – it had been created months before only just launched officially, so people – more than 10,000 of them – flocked to like it in one day. The day after that, we reported the GTA V goss about its social profile going live, noting the fact that its likes had risen to 25,000 in just 24 hours!

GTA V release date excitement on Facebook page fizzles out

The 25,000 people joining Rockstar’s Facebook page is understandable, as the company promised to put all its news there first, including the official GTA 5 release date. So no wonder people liked it. Only prob is – there’s been total radio silence since it went live – the last message was from back in August reports Product-Reviews.

There are almost 35,000 people (there are 34,577 Facebook likes so far) who are desperate to get to grips with GTA V, so what’s with the incommunicado-ness? The like-rate has slowed down – 10,000 more in two days, which is good, but not what you’d expect given the nearing of the release date should in fact increase the excitement level.

The point of companies making FB pages is to communicate – so let’s hope that this is a weird blip and that Rockstar start to get busy with their profile this next week. It went live for a reason, the GTA 5 release date, unless someone accidentally pushed the button a bit early – like the trailer reveal…

Personally we’d like to see the second GTA 5 trailer, which should include some gameplay and clues about features and characters. It’d be a bit rubbish if all the good details were left to come out in some magazine month magazine, but this may well happen unless release date news and clues suddenly appear on the Facebook wall. This IS what all those likers are waiting for, eh?

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