Why GTA 5 Is Really Delayed

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There has been a lot of talk about GTA 5 ever since Rockstar said that the game would be delayed until September, when originally it should have been released in the spring. Speculation as to why there is a delay has been going around, but now the company have made it clear why there will be a delay on their website. They simply want to make the game better before they release it.

GTA 5 should be coming out on 17th September and this means that fans of the game will have to wait more than six months before they can get hold of the game. Some fans have even been wondering if the game was put back due to the release of the next gen consoles, which is said to be happening sometime this year. There has been a rumour that the Sony PS4 will arrive this month at the PlayStation Meeting.

Others have said that the delay is due to the fact that Rockstar wants to release the game on the PC and the Wii U. Rockstar had said that the platforms were up for consideration. However it is doubtful that they would be able to do this within the six months extra that they have, but it would be great if it could happen at some point.

Rockstar claim that the only reason why the game has been delayed is because they want to ensure that the game is as good as it can be. GTA V is perhaps the only game from just a few that games players would say a positive outcome would come in the end.

There is little doubt that GTA V will be a super game when it arrives and if Rockstar believe that they need six months more to ensure the game is even better then fans are sure to appreciate it more when it does arrive. Official game box art will be making its way out soon and for now fans will have to make do with trailer 3, if it is released soon.

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