GTA 5 For PS4 & Xbox 720: So Close Yet So Far

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GTA 5 will arguably be one of the best titles that we have seen on a console when it comes down to graphics. When we saw the screenshots for the new game a lot of people thought that GTA 5 would come on the Sony PS4 or even the Xbox 720 reports Product-Reviews. Of course this turned out not be the case and Rockstar has since made it known that it was only ever their intention to have the game on current consoles.

GTA 5 looks like a PS4 & Xbox 720 game

Of course we also thought that Rockstar could skip the current consoles and instead bring out GTA 5 on the next generation consoles. Dan Houser said that the next generation wasn’t on their minds and said that spring of 2013 was the perfect time for them to release GTA 5 as the hardware stage was mature. He said that they had at times had difficulty with GTA 4 due to them having the learning curve of the PS3 and Xbox 360 software. However they were now better able to deliver an enhanced game on the hardware.

He said that all of the best games were coming out when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were coming to the end of their lifecycle. Halo 4 for instance happens to be the best in the series and The Last of Us will more than likely be the defining game on the consoles.

So did Rockstar make the right choice over which consoles to release GTA 5 on? Would you have liked to have seen it as a next generation title? If the Xbox 720 and PS4 appear towards the end of 2013 you could have to wait for another 5 years for the release of GTA 6!

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