GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox 720 Conclusions Leave Fans Uncomfortable

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One of the game’s fans are waiting for this year is GTA 5, however the bad news is that it will not be released for another six months. The game should be out 17th of September.

The game is meant to be coming out for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, some fans however have started to get an uncomfortable feeling about whether the game will arrive on the next generation consoles.

We now know PS4 is on its way and we are now waiting for Microsoft to reveal their console, it is thought that this will be coming in June at the E3. However Microsoft could reveal it earlier at a special event. We also know that older games cannot be played on the PS4 and fans are now waiting to see if the same will happen with the Microsoft console.

If this were to be true why would GTA 5 come out on the older generations of consoles? Fans could buy the game in September and it might not play with the new consoles which should be released in December, it certainly wouldn’t play on the PS4.

Rockstar could have put the game back as they know more than the fans do. However surely if this was the case Rockstar would have released the game on the PS4 and Xbox 720 instead of the older consoles. After all if the game is released on the old consoles in the game is not playable on the new consoles, this could severely impact sales of the next generation consoles, some fans may stick with the old consoles.

Of course at the moment it is all speculation about the Xbox 720 as the console hasn’t even been released yet, while the PS4 has only just been announced and isn’t on sale.

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