GTA 5 Pre-Order Materials Outed Early? (Leaked Pics)

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Creative gamers might easily be able to print a poster for GTA 5, hinting at a release date of spring 2013 for the game. That is the suspicion right now as an image has been seen online for the launch of GTA V and the question of how authentic the marketing material looks.

GTA 5 pre-order materials leaked?

The images in question state Grand Theft Auto V, and a tag line that says “pre-order” now. Instead of giving an exact release date the poster offers a rough timeline. It has to be said that it looks like the real deal, so there is a good chance that the poster will be official. However at the moment nothing has been confirmed and nothing has been denied.

This poster along with other details which have started to leak online is causing a great deal of excitement for fans of the GTA series. It is also thought that the trailer for GTA 5 could come out very soon. If things go the same as always, Rockstar seem to care about anniversaries, then it is almost one year since we saw the last trailer on November 2nd.

One thing that can be counted on with GTA 5 is that games from competitors will struggle when the release date of GTA 5 is revealed in the next coming months. However those who swear by GTA will of course tell you that there is no competition out there.

GTA 5 poster

GTA 5 poster

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