GTA 5 Online: Shark Cards Causes Frustration For Gamers

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Some people have said that the more they play GTA 5 Online the less excitement they get from the game. This is due to a lot of the fun being lost, even though there are plenty of activities to get involved in.

In GTA 5 Online you need a lot of financial power and reputation if you want to do things freely. This however is what turns a lot of people away from the game as you have to grind your way through the game and it is only when you have played for many hours that you get achievements, which give you less than one hour of fun.

GTA 5 Online has now got even more frustrating as Rockstar has introduced Shark Cards to the game. This is a platform that means that gamers can use real money to get power and fortune when playing. However it also spoils the balance of the game and this is one reason why many honest players have given up on it.

This is something that Rockstar better fix if they want the game to be active for years to come as many gamers are fed up with having to grind to try to gain happiness and fun in GTA 5 Online.

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