GTA 5: Now Suitable For Kids

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Sure, GTA has always been known for all the sex and violence elements throughout the gameplay, making it very age-inappropriate for the kids to also enjoy it. But all thanks to a new mod that’s putting this issue in mind, kids could now enjoy the game explicit-free, making every parents’ dream around the world to finally come true.

The modder goes by R3QQ and has recently released a Family Friendly Free Roaming mod, stripping away all explicit content like the violent, sex and suggestive content from the game. You might probably think that with all that gone, what is there left to play about the game, since it’s just been about all the obscenity it’s ever been included?

Well, of course kids could always go for a drive, walk, fly, swim and even explore, for a start. So, that really wouldn’t leave them being exposed to the dangers of playing such inappropriate games. We certainly hope this could aid in reducing crime rates in the near future, or any misacts done by the influence of video games, because whatever the kids plan to do with their lives, they should really take everything moderately.

Here’s some not-so-serious talk within this serious-nagging post; and it’s a video that could show you a great example of how the Family Friendly version looks like:

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