Beyond GTA 5: Combining All Maps Into A Colossal Playground

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GTA 5 is going to be a defining game of 2013 and it could go on to become the best game of 2013 if its predecessors are anything to go by.

GTA 6 may envelop all maps from GTA 5 and down if PS4 & Xbox 720 allows for it (predictions)

It is certainly looking as though it could be the best in the Grand Theft Auto series to date and just how Rockstar will top it on next generation consoles, is anyone’s guess. Rockstar have recently made some comments that does give gamers an insight into the future of the game though, and the future looks very bright indeed for fans of the game. Product-Review reports that it has been hinted that a GTA game could be released with every city from the series merged into a colossal playground. Whether this is GTA 6 or some special box edition remains to be seen.

This is something that fanatics of GTA probably dream about. Imagine Vice City, Los Santos and Liberty City, all in the same game. This is going to be a challenge for Rockstar, who will want to put the next generation consoles to good use and get the most from them.

Nevertheless it should be possible as Rockstar have said that the GTA 5 map size is bigger than GTA 4, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption, all put together. It does make you wonder what they will be able to do with the next generation of consoles, if they can do this with what is on the market at the moment.

Leslie Benzies of Rockstar North spoke to Digital Trends and said that Rockstar would like to make it possible for players to be able to fly between the areas. It was also said that remaking Vice City would be interesting. So would you like to be able to fly between the cities in GTA, or would you prefer that Rockstar kept cities separate?

GTA 6 will come out on the next generation consoles i.e. PS4 and Xbox 720. Given that the scale of GTA 5 will blow people away when they get to see it up close, the mind boggles as to what Rockstar may be capable of in the future with more powerful hardware.

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