After GTA 5, A Megacity From Rockstar?

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One of the best games to come out this year will be GTA 5, if it follows on in the footsteps of the games that came before it. While the game hasn’t yet been released, there are rumours about the follow up to it, GTA 6, and just how well it might perform on the next gen consoles to come from Sony and Microsoft.

There are rumours going around that GTA 6 could have all of the maps from GTA 5 and earlier games combined into one mega city, if the PS4 and Xbox 720 are able to handle them.

Beyond GTA 5: GTA 6 rumors already in motion

GTS 5 is promising to be the best game in the series; however what Rockstar may have in store for GTA 6 and the next generation of consoles is anyone’s guess. Rockstar have let a few things slip out and this has given us some idea of what we might expect.

The guys over at Product-Reviews have said that they could include all of the cities into one map, which have been used in all the series to date. This could be in the form of GTA 6, or it may come as a box set, following GTA 5. Fans of the game have perhaps dreamed of all of the maps being combined for a long time now. This would be Vice City, Los Santos and Liberty City.

Rockstar have already said that the map on GTA 5 will be larger than the ones of GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption and San Andreas, all put together! So if rumors of the Xbox 720 and PS4 hardware are true, just imagine what sort of major leap GTA 6 may be over GTA 5.

With GTA 5 rumors suggesting yellow submarines in addition to the ability to fly already, it may not be too difficult to travel quickly across the expansive maps!

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