GTA 5: It’s Kid-Friendly Now

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…or shall we say it’s been rated “U” for now?

If you do play the GTA 5, chances are you’ll think it’s an aggressive gameplay which comprises the following content: sexual, graphic and violent. So it’s naturally not a game made appropriate for the kids. But thanks to a GTA modder that goes by the name of “R3QQ”, a kid-friendly version is finally here and parenting can never be easier.

Well, at least there’s something for the whole family to enjoy playing together, isn’t it? GTA is just one of the many games that are not actually made available for the younger ones to enjoy, for fear it may be causing more harm to their upbringing along the way (psychologically).

But then again, how sure are we that the kid-friendly mod created would be able to sustain the innocence within that child of yours as he or she ages into adulthood? Pretty sure they are still going to be exposed to the dangers of the outer world; the real, frightening society. It’s good that these modders have contributed in some way, but parents should also continue with their parenting job in ensuring their kids are still going to be taught to be a decent person.

Would you allow your kids to play this version of the game? Check out everything you ought to know about it here.

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