GTA 5: New Artwork Accidentally Pops Up Over Weekend, Now Confirmed

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While Rockstar are taking their own sweet time before releasing an update on GTA 5, some official images have made their way online that the developer has not yet revealed. You can pre-order the game now ready for its release in the Spring and there are two images to take a look at while waiting for the release.

GTA 5: new gameplay artwork leaked & late confirmed

You may be aware that the GTA 5 artwork poster has been available when you pre-order the game from some retailers. Rockstar GTA 5 viewfinder has also been available for a limited period; many people have already ensured they got a collection when they pre-ordered with Target or GameStop.

The new posters with the artwork show different characters from the game and while Rockstar has shown us official posters, it appears that two have now been revealed that have not been seen before. The new artwork for GTA 5 shows Franklin in the process of bank robbing and then making a getaway on a bike in two events which are separate.

The posters remind us that the game will only be on the PS3 and Xbox 360 for the time being, so owners of the PC have to wait anxiously to find out if the game will be heading their way. This could happen around 6 months later as it did when GTA 4 was launched. Rockstar have now confirmed that the artwork is the real deal, and it is great to see material that has been unreleased leaking before the official teases do.

We think that the next thing to come from Rockstar will be trailer 3 as we are getting ever closer to spring and the release. When the trailer does come out we believe that a solid release date for GTA 5 will come with it. Check out the new artwork and let us know which of the characters you would play the most, would it be Michael, Trevor or Franklin?

New GTA 5 artwork

New GTA 5 artwork

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