GTA 5 For iPhone: The Caliber Advantage

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While it will not happen in the near future, from a 3D gaming perspective playing GTA 5 on the Apple iPhone could be possible and some mobile gamers are demanding it.

GTA 5 on iPhone 5? Caliber Advantage may be a solution

However some do point out that the control system, along with the display size of the Apple iPhone 5 already makes playing GTA 3 very hard. There is a solution to this on its way sometime this year that would make controlling the system much easier. Plus there is the fact that possibly we might see a larger Apple iPhone 6 released in 2013, with a cheaper Apple iPhone too.

The Caliber Advantage could improve gaming on the phone. The accessory was seen at the CES and it would provide iPhone gamers with more possibilities. However it wouldn’t alter the size of the display of course and so this may still be an issue for some iPhone 5 owners.

GTA 5 for the Apple iPhone has been a very controversial topic. Some gamers think it is a silly idea. However it is thought that it will happen eventually the same as the arrival of GTA 3, albeit a late arrival. So could GTA 5 be seen on the Apple iPhone this year? Even if it was released at the same time as on the Xbox 360 and PS3, would it have success, when you take into account how gamers have felt about it in the past?

So if you had the Caliber Advantage and the Apple iPhone 5 would you be praying that GTA 5 would be released in 2013?

Of course you do also have to consider how you would feel about carrying the Caliber Advantage around with you as it is not the smallest accessory. Rockstar will be showing off the box cover of the game very soon, this was a promise they made at the beginning of January.

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