GTA 5: What Extras Can We Expect? (Predictions)

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For GTA 5 fans, November was an amazing month. Rockstar launched a new trailer with the focus being on the three protagonists in the game, one of which happens to be Trevor Phillips. The teaser showed fans artwork that was official and other hints in readiness of GTA 5. Of course you would have had to enter the competition by Friday of last week to stand a chance of winning the freebies that were also showcased.

GTA 5 predictions: what other features we could expect

In the middle of November came the trailer 2 for the upcoming GTA 5 and gamers were quick off the mark to analyse it. Rockstar also pointed out that the graphics in the trailer were real time and not pre-rendered, and this fact is very impressive indeed.

Some readers had said that Trevor would be perfect for doing the dirty jobs in the game, thanks to his personality. However Rockstar will have made sure that all of the characters will be used throughout missions and therefore you cannot choose the one character only. One thing that did upset some people was the fact that there is no co-op mode in the game. Gamers said that Grand Theft Auto 5 would have been the perfect one for a mode of this nature.

Some PC owners are not overjoyed with the fact that Rockstar are making them wait for release details.

Of course given that GTA 5 is still far from an official surprise, Rockstar still needs surprises before the game launches to keep the hype running. There are many things that gamers are wondering, and some of their questions have been given “answers” through rumours and speculations in GTA forums.

Given that we know a great deal about the game already, what new surprises could we see over the next few months that lead up to the game? The folks over at have some predictions. The blog believes that there are some finer details about the game that could do with some improvement. For instance weapons could do with silencers on them so police are not alerted when the shooting starts.

More things would be add to realism to the game This could include having more kinds of animals wandering around on the streets, at the moment there are just dogs.

Of course the GTA 5 forums are rife with possibilities but so far these sound pretty plausible when compared to fan requests of space travel and zombies!

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