GTA 5: What Other Surprises Can We Expect? (Predictions)

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Fans of GTA 5 had a great November as this was when Rockstar launched the trailer for the upcoming game. The focus of the new trailer was on the protagonists, of which Trevor Phillips is one. The video showed fans of the game some official artwork, along with plenty of hints.

GTA 5 features (predictions)

Trailer 2 came our way during the middle of November and reviewers were fast off the mark to analyse it. Rockstar also pointed out that the GTA 5 graphics shown were in real time and had not been pre-rendered. This was a feat that was very impressive.

Readers had said that Trevor would be the perfect person for taking on all the dirty jobs that came along, however Rockstar will have ensured that all of the characters in the game will be used in missions. This means that you will not be able use just the one character you want. There is the lack of a co-op mode in the game and this did upset some people. Gamers had thought that GTA 5 would be the perfect game for this mode.

PC owners meanwhile were not happy with the fact that they have to wait for the release details on their platform.

GTA 5 will still have some surprises and these will have been kept quiet by Rockstar in order to keep the hype going. There are some questions that gamers have had and some of these have been answered by way of rumours and speculation in the GTA forums.

Of course we don’t know a lot about the game at the moment, so what surprises could be in store over the next months, as we come closer to the release of the game? Product-reviews did offer some predictions and they think that the finer details about the GTA 5 game could see some surprises. Weapons for instance should have silencers and then police would not be alerted so easy.

Little details would add a sense of realism to the game; this could be by way of a range of animals on the streets, not just dogs.

These two predictions sound believable especially when you compare it to the GTA 5 speculations in the forums that have fans expecting space travel and the addition of zombies to the game.

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