GTA 5: What Else May Be Brewing (Predictions)

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November was a bumper month for GTA 5 fans, as Rockstar released a new trailer all about the three characters in the game, including Trevor Phillips. The trailer revealed official artwork and other hints ahead of the game’s release.

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Gamers wasted no time in analyzing it. Rockstar pointed out that the trailer’s graphics were real and not pre-rendered – impressive!

Some fans said that Trevor would be great at all the dirty jobs, but Rockstar has made sure that you have to use all the characters, not just one. The lack of a co-op mode upset some, as GTA 5 is one game that’s made for co-op.

Some PC owners are also upset by Rockstar keeping them waiting for release info.
GTA 5 isn’t exactly a surprise, though, so Rockstar needs to keep punters’ interest levels peaking with a bit of hype here and there. There is still lots that’s unknown about the game, although some questions have been answered through hints and speculation on forums.

So, we know lots about GTA 5 already, but what surprises are still in store? Product-Reviews has a few predictions. It thinks that some of the game’s finer details could be improved – weapons could have silencers so that police aren’t on the case as soon as the shoot outs start.

There are other things that could add a bit of fine detailed realism, like more animals wandering about. There’s only dogs at the moment – where are the cats? Squirrels?
The GTA 5 forums are ablaze with speculation and rumours, although most ideas are quite tame compared the occasional request for zombies and spaceships…

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