GTA 5 Extras: Weapon Silencers, Cats & More… (Predictions)

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GTA 5 fans had a brilliant November – Rockstar launched a new trailer that focused on the game’s three characters, including Trevor Phillips. This trailer featured official artwork and various other hints ahead of the GTA 5 release. You had to have entered the competition a couple of weeks ago to stand any chance of winning the showcased freebies, though.

GTA 5 predictions: what extras may come our way?

Mid-November saw a second trailer for GTA 5, and gamers were quick to analyse it. Rockstar pointed out that this trailer’s graphics were real time, not pre-rendered, and this made for impressive viewing.

Some fans thought that Trevor was perfect for the game’s dirty jobs, but Rockstar has made sure that all of the characters are played during the missions – you can’t stick to just one. Sadly, there’s no co-op mode in this game, and if there’s one game that would suit a co-op mode, it’s GTA 5. Some PC owners have also been annoyed that Rockstar is keeping them in the dark about release info.

Rockstar does need to maintain some mystery, though, given that GTA 5 isn’t exactly a surprise. There are lots of things that gamers are waiting to find out, and some of their many questions have been hinted at and answered via rumours on GTA forums.

So, what new surprises are waiting for us? Product-Reviews has some predictions, including some relating to small details in the game that need improving. Weapons with silencers, for example, so that the police have no idea when the shoot-outs start.

There may also be more realism, like more animals wandering around the streets, at the moment, we’ve only seen dogs….are there no cats here? Come on, Rockstar….

The GTA 5 forums are alight with speculation and suggestions, though. Silencers and the odd moggy is nothing compared to the fan requests like zombies and space shuttles.

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