GTA 5 Demo Released, Let’s You Cruise Around LA In A Cheeta?

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Fans of GTA 5 have been teased time and time again with artwork from Rockstar and then they cruelly pushed back the release date from the game.

Now it seems as though Rockstar have done something to try and make up for the lack of the game in spring, as they have released a demo that is playable for fans to enjoy while they wait for September to come around.

SidhTech broke the news of the demo in which players are able to drive around Cheeta, or just a part of it anyway. The Cheeta is one of the cars in the GTA 5 game, if you didn’t know it already.

The blog has said that you cannot get out of the car or walk around, however you do get to see the sights from the car and you can check out how the driving dynamics have been improved. Head over to the download link on the ST website, however when we checked it out it was dead.

Update: We now know why the download link was dead. It’s because the story was posted by SidhTech on April 1st! Thanks to our readers for pointing that out.

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