GTA 5: Test Drive Cheeta Supercar In First Official Demo

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Rockstar has been busy teasing GTA 5 fans with artwork after artwork but it isn’t enough to satisfy the thirst of gamers, especially after the developer announced the push back of the release date.

It now looks like Rockstar has realized this and decided to put together the first GTA 5 playable demo for fans to enjoy while the wait for the full game to be released in September of this year.

So what is this GTA 5 playable demo. According to SidhTech who broke the news, the demo lets you drive around a small area of the map in a Cheeta. This is of course one of the supercars in the game (screenshot below).

The blog adds that you can’t get out of the car and free roam the GTA 5 environment but you still get to see some of the sights through the windshield and see how the driving dynamics have been improved. The download link for the demo is currently dead on ST’s website so we are waiting for a new one to pop up. We’ll update this story once it happens.

GTA 5 demo vehicle

GTA 5 demo vehicle

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