GTA 5 Clone Beta Demo Hits PC Finally, It’s Fun(nny)!

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The first playable download of a demo is out, which took its idea from Rockstar GTA 5; however the game has not been completed yet.

The developer behind the game has said that it is set in a large world, the same as GTA 5, and he wants to show the world what he can do.

The player is able to walk around in the game and they will meet up with people just as they would in GTA 5.

Last year there was trailer revealed on YouTube and this showed what the game could be like when the developer had finished Juonto City. The game was said to be coming out in Spring and this is when Rockstar was said to have been releasing GTA 5. The game was pushed back to spring however.

GTA V is set in Los Santos in San Andreas and this was based on Los Angeles.

San Andreas is known by fans as it was one of the three cities which were seen in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the game that came out in 2004.

The demo game was made in Unity 3D, which is the cross platform game engine from Unity Technologies.

The game engine is used on just about anything from web plugins to desktop platforms and mobile phones, with more than one million developers using it.

Unity 3D is one of the most popular of games among the developers. You can check out the game demo now and let us know what you think.


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