GTA 5: Stepping Stone To When Worlds Collide

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The top game of 2013 will no doubt be GTA 5 as the games before it have been immensely popular. However while the game has yet to be released, word is already flying around about what its sequel would be like given the impending release of next-generation consoles.

Beyond GTA 5: GTA 6 rumors spreading

The jist of it is that GTA 6 could go a step further as it could have all the maps from GTA 5 and down, if the PS4 and the Xbox 720 will allow for it.

With GTA 5 looking like it will be the best in the entire series of GTA to date, how Rockstar might be able to beat it with the next generation of consoles is anyone’s guess. Thankfully the company have let some things come out which give fans a look into what the future of gaming could be.

Product-Reviews reports that it has been said that that next GTA could include every city from the entire series and this would make the game into one huge playground. However whether this will be seen in GTA 6 or if it would be a special box set just after GTA 5 when the Xbox 720 and Ps4 are released remains to be seen.

Fans of the game will probably have had dreams of this happening and those dreams could come to life if Vice City, Los Santos and Liberty City, were all in the same game. Rockstar will have met a challenge with this, but then the game would allow them to make the most of the next gen consoles and show them off to the best of their ability.

Rockstar have said that the map of GTA 5 is larger than the maps of GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption and San Andreas, all together. So this does make one think just what they could do with the latest consoles, as look at what they have done with the consoles that are out right now.

Rockstar North’s Leslie Benzies said that Rockstar would like it to be possible for players to be able to fly between the regions. They also said that a remake of Vice City would be an interesting challenge.

We will see no doubt see a GTA 6 when the PS4 and Xbox 720 have been finally released. With the size of GTA 5 being made known already, one can only wonder as to what Rockstar may be capable of achieving in the future when they have hardware that is more powerful.

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