Infamous Grooveshark Android App Returns, Get It While You Can!

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A year ago Google chose to remove the music streaming service Grooveshark from the Google Play store. However, if you have missed it then you can get it as Android have quietly brought it back, despite the fact that there is still an infringement lawsuit against the company behind the app.

Grooveshark Android app returns

The company are being sued by three out of the four major record labels who have said that they are infringing on their copyrights. The app allows users to listen to music that has been uploaded from other users of the app despite the fact that Grooveshark may not have a license to be able to provide a particular song.

The company behind the app, Escape Media, do however remove songs if they receive what are known as takedown notices. The Universal music group filed a suit against them last November as employees, including the Chief Executive, uploaded thousands of songs. Sony has also done the same.

Meanwhile Grooveshark said that they look forward to building a relationship up on the Android platform. Google did not respond to this and the Recording Industry Association of America also failed to make a comment. Google took away the app from their marketplace in 2011 after Apple removed it from theirs too.

The app relies on users paying between $6 and $9 per month and for this offers music from independent record labels. The free version is ad supported and has always been available at their website.

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