Green Apple: iPhone, MacBook & Rest Continue To Turn Greener

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Each year Greenpeace releases a “Guide to Greener Electronics” and as MacRumours points out, Apple has been slowly making its way up in their yearly listing of environmentally friendly electronics manufacturers.

Apple products like iPhone & MacBook keep getting greener

They have been jumping relatively quickly in the rankings, starting at 11th place in 2007, going up to 9th in 2008, and then 5th in 2009 before taking a dramatic drop in 2010 back to 9th. Since 2010 Apple have quickly clawed their way back up, moving to 4th in the latest ranking. This reflects Apple’s efforts to be more “green” and provide more sustainable products, devices, and methods to create these devices – however the reason it has not climbed higher than 4th place is that the energy score is way below the average.

The report that Greenpeace has released on Apple describes how they have been impressed by the use of renewable energy by Apple, with some of their operations running on 100 percent renewable energy (Ireland, California and Texas) and these 3 make up 13 percent of Apple’s on-site energy usage. Not only this but Apple are also starting production of a solar farm at their data center in North Carolina, and as picked up by Mac Rumours, the Greenpeace report does not pick up on this.

However, Apple seem to lose points for not having an actual policy advocating the use of clean energy.

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