Grand Theft Auto V Alien Easter Egg Uncovered

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Aliens and UFO have always been a part of the game as players will constantly come across Easter eggs with UFO but players have never encountered an alien life until now.

Fans have been speculating that there might be some other hidden alien Easter Egg in the game but that has never been confirmed. Thanks to Gunrunning, we finally have aliens in the game.

This came after a Modder team found a way to look through the code of the latest update and activate an unofficial mission. The mission requires players to capture and alien egg which would lead to an encounter with extraterrestrials.

While it is not a big mission or Easter Egg, it was still enough to please those fans that had believed that aliens are part of the game. We don’t know if they mission they found was going to be a future release or if it is something that Rockstar had abandon.

You can check out the mission below.

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