Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Weekly Update Is Here!

It is that time of the week again and this time, the Grand Theft Auto Online weekly update will be offering some new bonuses for anyone that enters the online mode.

It was announced that Rockstar will be offering some extra rewards for the gunrunning missions. There will also be a discount on some in-game items. Starting from now until the 11th of March, the game will be offering players double GTA$ and RP for the Gunrunning Sell Missions.

The Bunker Series will also reward players with double the rewards. There will also be some extra freebies. Those that log into the game will get the Overflod and White Nagasaki t-shirt for free. The design might be pretty simple but it is something that is nice to have.

A few in-game products will also be offered at a discounted price now so you need to check it out as well.