Google’s Chrome Music Labs Is For Kids, Adults Will Be Addicted Too

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We are all aware that Google has this penchant for creating adorable animations, and this time it’s no different. And what’s more, they are currently combining music with animation. What is there not to like about that?!

The Chrome Music Labs (yes, only works for Google Chrome) is a tool to help the kids learn about music and sound in general, but the kid within you grown-ups would find it adorably enjoyable too. The site is addictive as hell; you’ve been warned.

Since it’s meant for the kids, Chrome Music Labs keeps things rather simple. There are 12 different music experiences to look forward to; from basic concepts like chords and rhythm to more advanced stuff like a spectrogram, oscillators, and harmonics. The image you’re seeing above is the one from the oscillator tool, which lets you adjust pitch through different oscillator types. And it’s super cute.

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You won’t regret trying this site out. Have fun!

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