Release The Kraken! Google To File Lawsuit Against Apple

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Clash of the Titans….My Enemy’s Enemy is My Friend….Let Battle…..Oh, You Get the Picture…..Google’s Suing Apple Now!

Google to file lawsuit against Apple (Forbes)

Forbes tells us that Google has decided to sue Apple over patents owned by Motorola Mobility. Apple and Samsung have been through this very recently, with Apple managing to get some Samsung products banned. Motorola has sued Apple before – over standard-based patents – but this latest skirmish is over non-essential patents.

Non-essential patent import bans can actually be enforced, and was what Apple was after when it sued Samsung. Google also wants a ban – but on Apple. The thing is Samsung products work on Google’s Android OS, so this makes it one huge legal beagle circle.

You have to wonder how much this will cost Google, as buying Motorola cost it $12.5 billion. This seems a lot for buying a loss-making company just for a few patents.

So, it seems like a huge tag game of smartphone suing, but where will this all end? Forbes thinks that patent law will have to be streamlined and made clearer so companies know who can do what. We can only guess how this patents war will pan out, but it could end up with Samsung’s goods staying on the shelves and Apple products being removed.

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