Shocking Twist Sees Google Suing Apple

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Google has decided it is to sue Apple over patents, reports Forbes. The patents are owned by Motorola Mobility of course and could mean products like the iPhone and iPad be banned from sales.

Forbes: Google to file lawsuit against Apple

Apple and Samsung have already slugged it out over patents, with some Samsung products being banned from shelves. Motorola has previously sued Apple over standards-based patents, but this latest action is over non-essential patents – a different matter.

Non-essential patent import bans can actually be enforced, and this is what Apple was after when it sued Samsung. Google is now asking for a ban on Apple products. Samsung products work on Google’s Android OS, so this means it’s just one big happy circle of suing.

So, the smartphone suing frenzy continues apace, and where it’ll end is anyone’s guess. Forbes says that what should solve the problem is patent laws becoming much clearer about who can do what. Who will win the war of the patents is anyone’s guess – maybe Samsung will stay on the shelves and Apple won’t, if Google wins. Isn’t irony great?


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