Google Reveals HTC 10 Build For Upcoming Pixel XL

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We heard earlier reports of the Pixel XL and the Google Pixel and they were said to be Nexus handsets. This suggested that the HTC 10 could be the inspiration for the design of the devices.

Today however we have seen many leaks along with renders that seem to prove the previous reports might be wrong. Except for a couple of generic attributes the devices don’t look anything like the HTC 10.

However they do have one thing in common and one isn’t apparent. The Pixel and Pixel XL do have the same build as the HTC device along with having the same IP53 certification.

The device is resistant to dust but it’s not dust proof. The handset is also partially resistant to water getting sprayed onto it.

So much along the same lines as the HTC 10 the Pixel devices should be able to hold up well against drizzle and dust but will not fare so well if you take it into the shower or go swimming with it. So we are hoping that the handsets will be as tough as the HTC 10 against blunt impacts along with being dropped from five feet.

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