Google Quick To Fix Latest Nexus 6 Issue

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The Nexus 6 has suffered from many issues and one of the latest issues has been following the latest Android 7.1.1 update for the handset. Some owners said that when they updated to N6F26U they were no longer able to use Android Pay.

Owners complained about seeing a CTS fail error and then they couldn’t use Android Pay on their Nexus 6. Some complained that they payment methods and credit card details had been removed too. They tried to clear the cache, uninstall and then reinstall the Android Pay app but this didn’t fix the issue.

While Google hasn’t come out and said anything about this latest issue it does look as though they have been quick off the mark in issuing a fix for it. It has been said that owners should update to the latest version of Android Pay and the issue will be fixed.

So if you have the Nexus 6 and you cannot use your Android Pay you should update the app and the issue should be fixed.

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