Google Putting Nexus 6P On The Endangered List

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An owner of the Google Nexus 6P said that he loved everything about his device before he made the update to Android 7.1.1. As soon as he updated his handset went downhill and is no longer usable, so is Google killing the handset off and putting it on the endangered list?

The owner said that following the update to Android 7.1.1 his Nexus 6P got stuck in a boot loop. He thought that if he reverted back to an older Android version the issue would be resolved, but this hasn’t been the case. He tried installing different versions of Android but to no avail. Now the device is stuck boot looping and its useless.

He said that the issue seems to affect just a small number of handsets and this means that Google isn’t all that bothered about fixing the issue. They have the Pixel handsets now and are concentrating on them.

The owner of the Nexus 6P said that due to some cosmetic damage he cannot get the device replaced, yet it is under one year old.

So it looks like Google is killing off the Nexus 6P with the Android 7.1.1 update and it may soon be on the endangered list.