Google Play Store Will Beat App Store In Size By This Summer

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We may be past the time when the defining factor for ecosystems in mobile phones is the amount of apps they have. That is unless you are Windows Phone or RIM.

Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

However it could be relevant to the competition that Google and Apple have on-going between them to determine which the best is. It is also an indication that very soon smartphone owners will have almost every app imaginable on their platform. Of course when there is hundreds of thousands of apps available, many of them are nothing but rubbish.

Google Play looks as though it will pass the 1 million mark with apps in June. This data came from The Sociable, who plotted on a graph the official number of apps available and then used polynominal regression for their estimate for the date.

Google managed to catch up with Apple back in October of 2012 with around 700,000 apps. Google Play is now thought to have around 800,000 and they are continuing to grow faster than Apples App Store.

All of this does make perfect sense and it does match the numbers from Distimo which were revealed in December of 2012. Google Play Store went from 200,000 apps to 400,000 in 8 months, however it took them a little longer to get from the 400,000 to 800,000. This indicates that Google seems to be maintaining their growth rate even with the increase in absolute numbers being massive.

Of course none of this really matters to owners of phones. However it does show that Android has continued to grow not just in the US, but around the world. The folks over at VentureBeat estimate that by June, the Play Store should be ahead of the App Store in app numbers.

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