Google Pixel XL Microphone Problem: Have You Been Affected By It?

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Two phones that are among the best on the market today are the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL. However it doesn’t necessarily mean that the handsets are both perfect as they aren’t. It seems that both devices have been troubled by hardware faults and one of these is the microphone, that doesn’t function as it should.

The issue seems to affect owners of the Google Pixel XL and Pixel randomly, but how do you know if your handset suffers from the issue?

The answer to this question is by looking at the box that your Google Pixel XL came in, to see if the serial number on that box has been modified. If the number has been modified then your device hasn’t been affected by the issue.

Any Google Pixel XL or Pixel that was bought since January 2017 is not going to have the issue. This is due to the fact that Google addressed the issue when they were producing the XL and regular version.

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