Google Pixel & Pixel XL Bug List Shorthened

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Despite everything that the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL has to offer, it is clear that the devices are far from perfect from the start as users quickly pointed out all the bugs that the device has.

Google has been working to fix those bugs since last year and it looks like the users will get to cross some of them off the list soon as Google release the latest update to fix some of the major issues.

One of the major bug that the update will fix is the periodic freezing along with some of the bugs that users have been experiencing. The update will also improve the speed and security of the devices.

The update will be rolled out in stages so while Google has already started rolling out the update, you might have to wait for a little longer before it reaches you. If you want to update it right now, you can always grab the factory images but if you have no experience sideloading an update, it is best to just wait for it.

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