Google Pixel Is Scheduled To Launch On 4 October

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You will probably know that we are not going to see a new Nexus handset come our way this year or next. The brand is bowing out and the pixel phone is taking over it. Just as it was with the Nexus handsets, Google are going to launch the new handsets and they are going to be called Pixels.

We have heard a lot about the Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices as they have been the number one talked about device among Android fans. Now they just cannot wait to see them.

The biggest issue has been in that people didn’t know when the Google Pixel handsets were going to be on sale, but today this has changed.

We have been given the date of release for the Google Pixel handsets by way of a photo that was taken of a statue in New York. The statue is from Google and it shows the outline of a phone. At the side of the photo it says Oct 4 and so we believe that this is going to be the date when the Pixel handsets get released.

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