Google Pixel 4 No More Secrets To Hide

We are only expecting Google to announce their Google Pixel 4 next month but in the usual Google fashion, more leaked information are popping up online with the latest one being a video showing the device in action.

The latest video which was uploaded onto YouTube showed off the design. To be honest, the design was never really a surprise anymore but we did get to see some of the new features that the device will be offered with like the Ambient EQ, Pixel Themes, Recorder app and also a feature called “Screen attention”.

It was previously reported that the new device could be fitted with a Soli sensor that would be able to detect when you are near and turn on the ambient display. Some people think that Screen Attention could be referring to that.

At this point, Google probably has no more secret about the Pixel 4 to offer us at the unveiling but we are still looking forward to it.