Google Pixel 2 XL Won’t Take Advantage Of Apple iPhone X Delays

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The upcoming Google Pixel 2 XL will be coming in to compete with devices like the upcoming Apple iPhone X but it looks like Google won’t be able to take advantage of the delays that Apple is experiencing with the iPhone X because they have their own issue to deal with.

According to VentureBeat, Google might not release the Google Pixel 2 XL at the same time as the Google Pixel 2 device. The reports suggest that we might only see the larger model on the 15th of November this year which means it could be arriving later than the new Apple iPhone X.

With devices like the iPhone X, it is best to not give is such a head start but there is nothing Google can do about it. It is believed that the new larger display with curved edges might be the reason behind the delay.

More details should be revealed when Google announces it on the 4th of October this week.

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