Google Pixel 2 XL: One Faulty Part Won’t End It

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As is the case with most of the smartphones out there, once one component spoils, the smartphone will have to be replaced but because of the way it was designed by LG, the Pixel 2 XL can easily be fixed.

iFixit took the Pixel 2 XL in for their usual test and reveal how fixable the Pixel 2 XL is. They demonstrated how easy it is to take the Pixel 2 XL apart and how easy it is to fix the damaged part.

Of course, that does not mean that you should take it apart once you get your hands on it. The device does come with water and dust proof design and taking it apart could affect that.

However it is still nice to know if something happens, you don’t have to throw the device away since you can get it fixed easily.

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