Google Pixel 2 XL Display Problem Will End Soon

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Some Google Pixel 2 XL has been reporting about a display issue that their device has been having. Google later confirm the issue and reassured fans that they will be looking into it and it looks like they might have a fix for their users soon.

According to Mario Queiroz from Google, the burn it issues is in line with what the other OLED smartphone has been experiencing but they did add that they will introduce a few new software updates that will help optimize the display. Google will also upgrade the feature so that the navigation bar button will fade out after a period of inactivity.

Google also address the complains some people have of their display as any users are saying that the color of the display is not as vibrant and sharp as their competitor. According to Google, that is because Google chooses to have a more natural colored display but did add that they will be including a new mode so that user looking for a more saturated display and switch to that.