Google Pixel 2 Oreo Update Will Fix Major Issue

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When a new OS or update is ready, most people can’t wait to test them out but for some Google Pixel 2 user, that really cost them as they device was soft-bricked for months.

After the release of the Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview, some Google Pixel 2 users decided that they did not want to wait for the OTA to roll out and choose to flash the factory image instead.

Google later pulled the factory image to prevent any more devices from getting soft-bricked but not many details were released after that leaving some Pixel 2 users in the dark.

After months of waiting, Google finally came out with an explanation for the issue stating that it was caused by outdated files. Google has also come out with a fix for the issue so users can now put this behind them once and for all but do remember to check if your files have been updated before you try to flash a new OS next time.

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