Google Pixel 2: One Bug At A Time

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The Google Pixel 2 arrived with a long list of issues and while Google has been working hard to fix most of the issue, we users are still waiting for them to fix one of the most annoying issues with the Google Pixel 2.

Soon after the device was released, some people reported that they were hearing some buzzing noise coming from their phone whenever they made a call. At first, it was believed that it was a hardware issue and users that had the issue were given a new device to replace the faulty device.

However, it was later reported that the replacement devices also had the buzzing noise. It was later determined that it could have been a software issue and not hardware.

Now, Google has announced that the fix for the issue will be ready soon and that the software update will be arriving within a few weeks. No date announced yet but at least we know the fix will be release soon.

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