Google Pixel 2: More To Learn

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There is no doubt that the Google Pixel 2 smartphone was one of the best Android smartphones in the market last year but there was definitely some lesson that Google can learn from the Pixel 2.

The display was clearly a huge disappointment for the users. While it is not bad, it certainly does not look like something an $800 or more smartphone would offer. Users were quick to point out how the colors on the display looked dull and inaccurate. Google did fix the issue later on and hopefully, they don’t repeat the same mistake with the Pixel 3 this year.

One other issue that has plagued the users is the weird whining and clicking sound that users get from their top and bottom speakers. Google did not offer a solution for this but those that have contacted Google support were instructed to return the devic,e.

Hopefully all these issues won’t resurface when Google release the successor for the Pixel 2 this year.

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