Google Pixel 2: Don’t Lose Hope For Budget Model

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There is fresh hope for anyone who is waiting for a budget model of the Google Pixel 2 as information has leaked about Google developing a device. The news came after it was confirmed that the team is working on a Pixel 2.

The Google Pixel 2 is being called Pixel 2B internally and it would be aimed towards the emerging markets. It was said that the budget model will be launched shortly after Google launches the Pixel 2 and the handset is in the prototype stage right now. This means that it isn’t a given that the device is going to be launched, so we may never see it.

A lower priced budget Google Pixel 2 would make a great deal of sense as a way of Google attracting more users to their devices. Google has tried to do this with the Android One program in emerging markets. However we don’t know if the final cost would come in under $100, which Google wants to do with the Android One handsets. Again there is no guarantee they will launch.

So it is looking as though we might see the cheaper version of the Google Pixel 2 but whether it will make its way to the US remains to be seen, although its unlikely.

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