Why Google Now didn’t wish you a Merry Christmas

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Google Now is an awesome feature. In fact it just seems to keep getting better the more you use it and the recent bump from Android Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean has made it more accurate and frequent with new information on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Google Now plays it safe this Christmas

So it came as a big surprise that it didn’t wish me a Merry Christmas yesterday morning. I mean it figured out where I lived based on my location during sleeping hours, it understood my route to work and told me every morning before I got in my car just what kind of road warrior I would have to be if I wanted to get in on time, and heck it even figured out what I liked to do on weekends and had helpful suggestion on Saturday mornings.

So how come it didn’t wish me Merry Christmas? I think I know why. Remember the whole Father’s Day fiasco after Google had every Gmail users who logged into their account see a “Call Dad” message next to the voice/chat app? That backfired for Google if you recall as many were offended by it. Why? Well not everyone has the same relationship with their parents and hence like to be reminded for it. For others it may have been saddening in case their dad was unreachable (or possibly deceased).

Hence there may be a good chance that Google is playing it safe and avoiding any backlash from the millions of Android users out there.

I wonder how Siri is handling it…. Happy holidays!

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