What’s Better Than A HTC Google Nexus X? This.

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While the possibility of a Google Nexus X developed by HTC and based on their rumored 5-inch phablet sounds great, it wouldn’t be right for Google to leave loyal Nexus fans and developers with such a gigantic phone as their only option for stock Android.

Google Nexus X may be joined with an LG Nexus based on the Optimus G

Today the folks over at AndroidAuthority report that someone connected with Vodafone have provided them with more details about a LG Nexus which may join HTC’s Google Nexus X with stock Android.

The LG version will have a 4.7 inch touch display and the screen will have similar quality to the Retina display that Apple have.

LG have just shown off their LG Optimus G and this has a 4.7 inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 HD. So could this be the next Nexus device when it comes to the shelves in the US hint the blog.

The LG Optimus G of course packs some serious hardware that even outshines the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3. If this serves true then Nexus fans are certainly in for a treat!

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