Nexus Google+ Page Confirms Multiple Next Phones Coming… There’s Just One Catch

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Fans of the Nexus devices will very well know about the Nexus Google+ page which has been dishing out the latest information on Nexus devices since early last year. Well today that particular Galaxy Nexus Google + account has fans rejoicing.

Famed Galaxy Nexus Google+ page mentions multiple Nexus phones

The message they posted simply said Happy Birthday +Google Nexus, born one year ago 19th October. Soon you will meet your younger brothers.

These clearly points to there being more than one Google Nexus phone coming this year and the leak of the LG Nexus 4 and HTC DROID Incredible X do attest to this. However there’s one thing to note and that is that the Google+ page is not official.

So don’t get too excited yet as it is possible the person running the page was commenting on the rumours and speculations of the many Nexus devices that’s all.


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