Next Nexus Phone: Android 4.2 “Kulfi” Features Detailed Already (Leak)

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The new Nexus handset from LG will supposedly come out next month and you may be wondering what version of Android it’s comes with. Droid-Life reports that there is a rumor going around today that it will come with Android 4.2 and the leaked features appear like this is a major update.

Next Nexus phone Android 4.2 features leaked

It is thought that the new OS will have a customisation centre. This will be a place where owners can go if they want to changed wallpapers, ringtones and many other personalized settings. In the past these haven’t always been the easiest things to find. It is also thought that there will be templates for users to use to change their colour schemes quickly along with their icons.

This many also be where OEMs can offer custom skins to overlay over the stock Android. Users may then be able to choose between the stock and a skin. Rumour has it that users will get stock updates to Android more quickly, in the same way that Nexus handsets do at the moment thanks to this. While manufacturers will be able to update skins when they want, these settings may not be accessible while waiting to be updated, or maybe users will be able to update Android while waiting for the skin.

Google Play will be updated and this could include notifications for promotional campaigns, along with easier in app purchases and personalised searches. Of course if you hate ads this will not appeal to you, however wouldn’t you like to know of sales on Google Play?

Google Now will also get an update and this could give guidance to owners on changing phone settings. An example of this could be to ask Google Now for help when it comes to turning on Bluetooth.

Project Roadrunner takes over from where Project Butter left off. Rumour has it that it focuses on doing for the battery what Butter did for UI speed. At the moment there are very few details, however it is thought that this may put an end to users complaining about poor battery life on their Android handsets. Google are thought to be trying to solve the problem with software, without the need for massive batteries.

Whether any or all of the above features will be seen in Android 4.2 remains to be seen. If it does then it would be worth making the upgrade to.

At this time there are no clues to what the name of the update will be called. We would be up to “K” for it which doesn’t have that many dessert name choices… Key Lime Pie? Kentucky Bourbon Balls? Or how about Kulfi?

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